Passion, Competence and Dedication

"Discover the beauty of our sea cradled by the professionalism and courtesy of our staff."

— Angel Boat Rental

"We are like islands in the sea, separated on the surface, but connected in the deep."

Passion, Competence and Dedication have always been the cornerstones of Daniele Motonautica and Autuori Mooring. Making baggage born the decision to get involved once again by founding Angel Boat.
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Frequently asked questions


What if I lose my anchor?
The penalty for the loss of the anchor is 75€.


Can I drive without a license?
Of course! We have 4 boats, which do not require a license, as they have a 40hp engine.


What routes can I take?
For boats without a license it's possible eggetuare the route:
Salerno - Positano
Salerno - Palinuro


Can I book from the website?
You can fill out the form by clicking QUI or in the booking section of our website, requesting the availability of one of our boats


How to pay for a reservation?
Payment is made on site in cash, bank transfer or credit card


Am I insured during the rental?
The owners undertake to rent only boats covered by insurance in the context of their rental and leasing activities. In order for the charter to go smoothly.


Is fuel included in the price?
Salvo diversa indicazione nella descrizione della barca, il carburante non è mai incluso nel prezzo di noleggio visualizzato sul sito. Il costo del carburante varia a seconda del tipo di motore e dell'utilizzo che ne viene fatto durante il periodo di locazione. È consigliabile contattare il proprietario attraverso il form di contatti di Angel Boat Rental, per ottenere una stima dei costi da prevedere in aggiunta al prezzo del noleggio. Generalmente, la barca viene consegnata il primo giorno di noleggio con il pieno di carburante, e deve essere restituita con altrettanto pieno. Il proprietario sarà in grado di indicarti la posizione della pompa del carburante nel porto, oppure nella stazione più vicina.

Boat damage

What happens if the chartered boat breaks down, stops working, or suffers an accident during the charter? What to do in case of a dispute?
Any accident (breakdown) or complaint must be reported to Angelboatrental within 24 hours from the beginning of the rental: by phone at 389 345 8027 from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 19.00 (7 days a week during high season) by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;


What if the driver has been drinking?
It is prohibited to drive a boat after consuming alcohol or drugs. Those who drive under the influence of alcohol (above 0.0) or drugs are punished with a fine of 2,755 to 15,000 euros. In any case the nautical license is withdrawn. The fines are multiplied (from 1.33 to 1.5) when the violation is committed between 22:00 and 7:00.

Any questions left?

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